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The termite species in Florida, including drywood, dampwood, and subterranean termites, are some of the most destructive pests in the South. Not only do these creatures consume wood on a 24-hour basis, but these pests cause homeowners more than five billion dollars in damage repairs every year.

For many years, Pest Ref Services has been a leading provider of termite control services for Eustis, FL, and beyond. Our identification, treatment, and follow-up services are some of the best in the business, and we're ready to assist you at a moment's notice.

How Pest Ref Services Protects Against Termite Species

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At Pest Ref Services, we approach termite control in Eustis in a way that protects our customers, our employees, and our natural environment. 

Our treatments begin with a thorough interior and exterior inspection. We are constantly on the lookout for signs of active termite colonies and conditions conducive to an infestation. We primarily use our inspection services to qualify your property for our Trelona bait stations. 

Next, we begin the process of providing customized recommendations regarding the prevention of future termite infestations. Our termite treatment experts will draw up a tailor-made proposal that details all elements of our treatment process, from our initial walk-through to the final visit. 

Pest Ref Services will install Trelona® annual bait stations around the exterior of your home containing a growth inhibitor that prevents termites from molting. Our team will return annually to inspect and refill the bait stations if needed and provide you with deeper insights about your current pest safety.

Unlike Sentricon® systems, which have much smaller perimeters, Trelona® systems cover a wider area, are cheaper to implement, and have proven to be more effective than other systems. For these reasons, we only use Trelona® systems to supply our customers with the best possible chance for success.

All The Ways To Prevent Termites From Reinfesting Your Home

Trelona® Annual Bait Stations are extremely effective at eliminating termite colonies. When paired with termite prevention options, they become an almost unstoppable pest control force.

Below are a few methods of preventing termite activity both in and around your property:

  • Remove dead tree limbs or other wood from the sides of the house. 
  • Stack firewood at least 25 feet away from any entry points. 
  • Manage indoor moisture with desiccants or dehumidifiers.

If you still have questions regarding termite control and prevention, feel free to contact the crew at Pest Ref Services for help.

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At Pest Ref Services, we believe that Florida homeowners have the right to live in a termite-free home. We're here to make "Pests Play By The Rules" today, tomorrow, and in all the years to come. Call today to schedule termite control services for your Eustis home.


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