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Incorporated in 1880, the city of Tavares, FL is just an hour from Orlando. The people of Tavares represent Central Florida’s finest, and there’s so much to do and see here in town. Whether you’re exploring the Tavares Seaplane Base or enjoying one of our boat tours, there’s no shortage of excitement in Tavares. However, certain kinds of excitement aren’t enjoyable, most notably that of common Tavares pests. Pests are an ongoing problem here in Tavares, and local property owners should beware.

If you’re looking for year-round pest protection that you can trust, look no further than Pest Ref Services. We are a family-owned and operated company that provides prompt, professional pest solutions to homes and businesses throughout Lake County and the surrounding areas. Our team uses low-impact, long-term solutions to bring you pest-free conditions that last. We work hard every day, making sure pests play by the rules! Call today.

Home Pest Control In Tavares, FL

The best way to protect your Tavares home from pest infestation is to secure help from a team of experienced pest professionals. Pest Ref Services is proud to offer comprehensive residential pest solutions that give homeowners ongoing coverage from household pest activity.

Our residential process includes:


  • Thoroughly covering the interior and exterior of the home
  • Identification of current pest activity and conducive conditions
  • Consultation with customers on findings and recommendations


  • Typical hotspots like kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry room
  • Sealing entry points to prevent pest access
  • Placing baits and treating cracks, crevices, and wall voids
  • Exterior de-webbing and de-nesting
  • Exclusion work like sealing entry points and eliminating conducive conditions
  • Removing tree and lawn debris and small tree limbs that touch your home

We prioritize the use of minimal products to achieve maximum protection and lasting results. Along with our basic pest control treatments, we offer specialized services for ants, bed bugs, mosquitoes, and rodents. Reach out to us for your free estimate and inspection.

Commercial Pest Control In Tavares, FL

First, we start with a thorough pest inspection, marking all pest problems with yellow flags, and all conducive conditions with red flags. From there, we determine what approach is best suited for your pest problem, coming up with a customized commercial treatment plan just for your facility.

Some of our commercial services include:

  • Exclusion work to prevent access and seal entry points.
  • Preventative work like trimming small branches, etc.
  • Eliminating conducive conditions to avoid future infestation.
  • Interior treatments of common problem areas with food and water sources.
  • Exterior web sweeping, nest removal, and perimeter treatment.

We use eco-friendly products that are entirely safe for people and the environment, helping your business maintain green values that your customers can get on board with. Once treatment is complete, we offer monthly follow-up services to keep things pest-free all year long. Reach out to us for your free quote.

Are Bed Bugs In Tavares Dangerous?

Bed bugs are very small, nocturnal parasites that can lead to a large-scale infestation. Aside from the disturbing fact that they feed on our blood while we’re asleep, what else should you be concerned about? Do these pests pose a real danger to your property and the people inside of it?

Well, the truth is that once bed bugs infest, they are tough to get rid of. They can easily spread from one room to the next by hopping onto someone or something that is moving into a different area of the house. This makes the infestation hard to contain.

The good news is you don’t have to face the problem alone. Pest Ref Services is here to help. We offer dependable bed bug detection and elimination services that you can feel good about. After we perform a thorough inspection to identify all infested areas, our team will work with you to develop the right bed bug control treatment plan. Call today to learn more.

Why Tavares Homeowners Should Consider Rodent Control

If you own a home here in Taveres, you should seriously consider your rodent control needs. These intruders pose a real threat to your home, crawling around inside of your walls and nibbling at the insulation and other parts of the construction until the structural integrity is ruined. Along with property damage, they can also cause contamination.

As these unsanitary pests travel around your structure, they leave feces and urine behind them wherever they go, contaminating every inch of your property. This widespread contamination means that the people inside of the building are exposed to disease-causing pathogens that can lead to a long list of medical conditions. Some rodent-relation illnesses include hantavirus, leptospirosis, salmonellosis, tularemia, and rat-bite fever.

To avoid the severe consequences that come with rodent activity, we recommend securing professional rodent control services. The team at Pest Ref Services is ready to protect your Tavares home from rodent activity all year long. Contact us to learn more about our rodent solutions.

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