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Have Ants Invaded Your Eustis, FL Home?

Ants in Eustis may not seem like a pest that you need to worry about, but when they find their way into your house, they can quickly become a huge nuisance. You'll find them on your bathroom floor, in your cabinets, on your countertops, and in your food. Although the worst that most ants can do is contaminate the food that they get into, some ants such as carpenter ants and fire ants can pose a serious risk to your health or your home. If ants have found their way into your house, get rid of them with Pest Ref Services!

Ant Control From Pest Ref Services

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Ant Inspections

Inspecting your home prior to treating your ant problem is a fast process that is vital to success. We must identify the type of ants getting into your home before performing a treatment because different species of ants require different treatment methods. For instance, certain ants prefer sweet baits, while others prefer protein-based baits. Similarly, if a certain product is used on ghost ants, it actually worsens the problem, causing them to branch out into sub-colonies.

Ant Control Treatments

Once we know what species of ant we're dealing with, we'll choose the proper treatment method and get to work.

For ghost ants, we'll apply bait around the exterior of your home and may use a liquid barrier around your foundation. Ghost ants usually nest under rocks or around the base of trees, and their nests are often unable to be found. Because of that, we'll pay close attention to their trails and apply bait to these areas. This allows the ants to pick up the bait and bring it back to their nest.
For other types of ants, we identify the areas where they are entering your home and treat those entry points. Larger entry points can be sealed for an additional fee. We'll also treat the exterior of your structure to prevent new ants from getting inside.

Common ants we treat for include:

  • Bigheaded ants
  • Caribbean crazy ants
  • Carpenter ants
  • Fire ants
  • White-footed ants

Follow-Up Services

Our ant control service comes with a 30-day guarantee. If ants return within those 30 days, we'll return to re-treat your home at no additional cost.

Say Goodbye To Problem Ants

Whether you have nuisance ants or dangerous ants in your house, it's time to get rid of them. Pest Ref Services has the knowledge you need to fully eliminate your ant infestation with the proper methods and products, no matter what species has gotten into your home. At the first sign of an ant infestation, contact Pest Ref Services.


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