The Problems With House Mice In Eustis, FL Homes

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What Are House Mice?

The house mouse isn't the most intimidating house pest in Eustis. If you look one in the eye, you might even feel sorry for it. This mouse has small beady eyes, a furry body, and a long tail. Although the house mouse is originally from Central Asia, it's now throughout the United States. It's a common home invader that should be unwelcome anywhere near your property.

While some pests inspire fear because they have nasty stings or bites, house mice inspire fear for their ability to spread diseases. They have bacteria and pathogens in their feces and urine, which poses a threat to your health.

When mice walk across the surfaces of your home, they contaminate the tables and counters. They are likely to get into your pantry and contaminate your food as well. Every time you eat, you could become seriously ill.

Other Issues With House Mice

There's never just one mouse in your home. And the more mice you have, the more problems you have. As you may expect, the biggest issue with mice is their ability to spread diseases. But there are a few other concerns you should be aware of.

For one, mouse urine can trigger allergies. Young children are particularly vulnerable to these allergens. For people of any age, the dried feces and hair of house mice can be triggering. It would be best if you never had to face the constant red eyes or runny nose that could come with a mouse infestation.

Another serious issue is the fact that mice bring other parasites into your home. While not all mice carry parasites, many of them do. They could bring fleas into your property, which comes with its problems. Fleas are also known disease-spreaders. Other mouse pests, like ticks, also have the potential to make you sick.

Property Damage

It's also worth mentioning that mice in Eustis can cause severe property damage. If you know anything about rodents, you know that they are capable of chewing through almost anything. They can chew on your electrical wiring, insulation, and more.

When you have house mice in your walls, you can be sure you will experience property damage. You might need something as small as a quick repair or be at risk of a house fire. This is one of the reasons that house mouse prevention is so important.

Dealing With A Eustis Infestation

Once you have an infestation of mice in your walls, you're out of luck. The house mouse is known to breed quickly and is notorious for its adaptability. One female can have as many as six babies every three weeks. All it takes is one year for a female to produce up to 35 babies.

Due to the rapid reproductive rate, house mice can take over quickly. They pose a serious threat and can cause you harm at any time. For the ultimate pest protection in Eustis, you should work with us at Pest Ref Services. Our experts have years of training. We understand the importance of keeping house mice away and how to prevent them from ever taking over.

If you find signs of mice in your Eustis home, call us today for effective rodent control in Eustis. We'll inspect your home and help you get rid of the unwanted rodents.

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