How To Effectively Keep Norway Rats Out Of Your Eustis Home

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A Little About The Norway Rat

Life in Central Florida can come with its share of pests. Residents may encounter a few types of rats in Florida, like the Norway rat. This large rodent is primarily brown with other colors of gray and black interspersed throughout its coat; it often exhibits a lighter-colored belly. The average size of the Norway rat is around a pound, and they are about 16 inches long, although some specimens can be substantially larger.

Like many other rodents, this kind of rat has lived alongside humans for centuries. Norway rats continue to seek out humans for all the food, water, and shelter they offer. Methods of prevention have been used through the years, but using wire mesh for rats in structures was not always possible.

Where Do Rats Live?

As rats have formed a dependency of sorts with the human race, it’s only natural that these pests can be found living where people spend large amounts of time. Eustis homes are particularly at risk of attracting rats, and that can be very bad for residents. Norway rats can transmit serious conditions: rat-bite fever, trichinosis, jaundice, cowpox virus, and salmonellosis. Other pests like mites, fleas, and ticks can catch rides on these rodents right into homes adding even more danger.

This type of rat has strong jaws- that, along with its sharp teeth, can gnaw through all kinds of household materials. Wood, piping, wiring, vinyl, drywall, and plastic could all be at risk from rats. Such destruction can pose a fire hazard to household members and cost homeowners big bucks in repairs.

Preventing Rats In Florida

One effective method of deterring rats is to prevent them from ever getting indoors and infesting the home.

  • Deter Entry: Investigate the exterior of the home and look for any potential entry points. A rat can squeeze through a hole as small as a quarter; seal openings this size with wire mesh for rats, then caulk to secure. 
  • Dry It Up: Rats are thirsty pests. Ensure onsite plumbing does not have any leaks or drips. Consider installing a dehumidifier if there is a particularly damp area in the house.
  • Keep Food Out Of Reach: Norway rats, just like all rodents, can’t refuse a snack. Do not leave food out in the open for extended periods. Close the buffet by storing food in canisters with air-tight lids. Stick to tested materials like glass and metal for food storage. 
  • Maintain A Tidy Home: Constantly sanitize areas where food is eaten and prepared. Vacuum up crumbs from rugs and carpeted areas. Sweep and mop hard flooring. Keep clutter to a bare minimum.
  • Remember The Yard: Remove any leaf litter piles and yard debris. Regularly trim limbs of hedges and trees close to the home. Take down bird feeders. Dump out any standing water, and repair any leaky sprinkler heads. 

Eliminating Big Rats In Eustis

Noticing signs of rats? Then it’s time to act! Contacting the rodent control professionals at Pest Ref Services is the safest way to combat a rat infestation successfully. When Eustis homeowners need to keep rats away, these residents can simply reach out to our specially trained technicians. We offer free inspections and pride ourselves on providing customers with effective residential pest control services.

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