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What Rats Live In Eustis?

There are several types of rodents in Eustis, but rats are among the most frequent home invaders. In the area, there are three common types of rats. By far, the most common is the roof rat. This rodent can be as large as eight- inches long and is black or brown. Unlike other rats, roof rats prefer to be above ground level. They usually end up in attics and other high hiding spots.

 Norway rats also live in Eustis. They prefer to be outside, but sometimes enter homes and businesses in search of food. Almost the opposite of roof rats, Norway rats like to hide in crawl spaces and basements. At full maturity, a Norway rat can grow to 16-inches long. They are gray or brown.

 Another rat to look for is the wood rat. Also known as pack rats, wood rats are large rodents that steal food. They can be up to 17-inches long and are black, gray, or brown. To tell the wood rat apart from the Norway rat, look at its tail. The wood rat has a hairy tail, but the Norway rat has scales on its tail.

The Dangers Of Rats In Eustis

Without pest control in Eustis, you could find yourself with a serious pest problem. Many of the rats in their area rely on humans for food. If there's leftover food in your garbage can or unopened food in your pantry, rats could decide to live on your property.

 Once rats get into a home, they take over. They reproduce quickly in a short time. Unfortunately, their rapid breeding isn't the only problem. Rats are dangerous and destructive pests. Because they spend time in filthy places, they often pick up diseases and then spread those diseases to your home. As they walk across your surfaces and food, they contaminate everything. They also carry parasites, like ticks and fleas.

 In addition to spreading diseases and parasites, rats can trigger allergies. Their fur could cause a runny nose or cough. If you have asthma, living with rats can severely impact your health.

Destruction Caused by Rats

Equipped with sharp teeth and powerful jaws, rats can chew through wood and other building materials. When they chew on your electrical wires, rats create a fire hazard. They also have the potential to do significant damage to your home.

Can You Prevent Rats?

There's no guaranteed way to keep your home safe from rats. However, there are some ways in which you can deter these pests. Follow these tips for rat prevention:

  • Store food properly
  • Store trash in cans with lids
  • Clean your floors and surfaces
  • Seal up all potential rat entrances, keeping in mind that rats can chew a tiny hole into a large one
  • Keep tree branches and vegetation from touching your home

The Real Key To Rat Control

If you really want to keep rats out of your Eustis property, you need to work with an experienced professional. Pest Ref Services has experience with rat prevention. Before you experience a problem, we can inspect your home for potential issues. With our help, you can keep rats out. If it's too late for prevention, you can still count on us. Here at Pest Ref Services, we can eliminate rats from your property. Call us today to learn more about rat prevention and elimination in Eustis.

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