The Trick To Dealing With Drywood Termites In Eustis

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Blocking, eliminating, and recovering from termites and their havoc costs Americans five billion dollars every year. That total doesn’t include assistance from insurance companies because they usually don’t offer it. Find out how you can conquer these insects and know the signs of termites inside your house. The drywood species is particularly dominant in this area. Pest Ref Services can help you with extermination.

What Are The Types Of Termites In Eustis?

Dampwood and subterranean termites are present in the region, but once more, the drywood subclass is especially prevalent. Workers, soldiers, and swarmers make up the colony with the other two types. Workers are white or grayish-white and can be around 0.25 of an inch long. Soldiers are often yellow-brown, and their defensive features include their rectangular heads and big mandibles. Swarmers are yellow, black, or brown and have veiny wings. These reproductive bugs are roughly 0.50 of an inch long and will make their debut when the nests are full. They’ll be on fixtures and windows between mating and building new cocoons. Lights are of interest to them. 

Signs of termites inside your house are:

  • Noticing swarmers or their shed wings 
  • Discovering stacks of fecal frass close to the mud tubes, maze patterns, and holes of termites 
  • Having walls that sound hollow  
  • Hearing soft sounds from behind foundations 
  • Seeing that paint is swelling and stripping
  • Drywall that is unfit and discolored
  • Tiles freeing up and floorboards squeaking 
  • Doors and window frames fitting tightly

There is no doubt that it’s time to seek professional assistance when the aforementioned occurs. 

How Long Does It Take For Drywood Termites To Destroy A Home?

Various factors will dictate how long it takes to see the evidence of termite damage or destruction, for instance, property location and construction type. You cannot be given a firm calculation with this in mind. Drywood bugs also eat up books and plants. 

Why Drywood Termite Control Is Necessary

Termites are nutritious, both for humans and the earth. These pests are a part of diets worldwide because they contain essential elements like calcium and iron. As for the planet, soil, plants, and trees receive principal nutrients from termite activity; however, no homeowner should allow their populations. Walls, floors, and bases will become feeble during an infestation. “Do it yourself” tactics and commercial insecticides are pricey, hazardous, and weak against the large termite colonies. We at Pest Ref Services have affordable industrial-grade treatments that are safe. Our trained technicians will employ Trelona bait stations, which inhibit termite growth. Call today for a free inspection!

Is There A Way To Prevent Drywood Termites?

Here are some tips for deterring termites: 

  • Replace or restore wood that is damaged or rotting.
  • Fix moisture defects and leaks right away, especially when the wood is damp.
  • Seal gaps in foundations, caulk, and utility lines. 
  • Put screens on all doors facing the outside. 
  • Flush your gutters and vents frequently. 
  • Distance wood and plants from the property by at least two feet. 
  • Keep free wood, like fire logs, off the ground.  
  • Trim the grass and the greenery regularly.

Pest Ref Services can support your endeavors to stop termites with consistent care. Contact us now!

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