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April 15, 2022 - Termites

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Without pest control in Eustis, it’s hard to have confidence that there aren’t any issues. There are several species, like termites, that can have a relatively quiet existence. Wood-destroying insects typically aren’t in the open; they’ll be in soil or behind structures. Much time can go by before you witness evidence of termite damage. 

Americans have to spend a total of $5 billion each year to fight off or recuperate from termites. Insurance companies rarely provide aid because they consider it an avoidable circumstance. Your property doesn’t have to crumble to these bugs. Learn the signs of termites inside your house and how you can keep them away. Pest Ref Services can assist you.

What Are Subterranean Termites?

Subterranean termites are widespread in the area. Workers, soldiers, and swarmers comprise these colonies. Workers who devastate wood are 0.12 of an inch long and white or grayish-white. Yellow-brown soldiers protect them with their giant mandibles and have distinct rectangular heads. Swarmers are ½ of an inch long; these winged specimens are brown, black, or yellow in color. Their task is to procreate and form new nests when prior ones are at capacity. Lights distract them, so they’re liable to be sitting on window panes or fixtures. 

The Benefits Of A Termite Inspection

Given that termites are difficult to detect right away, it is imperative that you have recurrent inspections by Pest Ref Services. Our experienced team will swiftly catch indicators, even if there isn’t overt evidence of termite damage.

Know The Signs Of Subterranean Termites

Carefully look around for signs of termites inside your house:

  • Swarmer sightings

  • Finding discarded swarmer wings

  • Coming across swells of fecal frass adjacent to termite maze patterns, mud tubes, and holes

  • Hollow sounding walls 

  • Hearing clicking and rustling from inside structures 

  • Having paint that is puffing up and chipping 

  • Noticing that drywall is loose and off-color

  • Tiles breaking off and floorboards weakening

  • Window frames and doors that are tough to open and close 

Since many things contribute to the timeframe of apparent termite wreckage, there isn’t a way to predict when these hints will surface. Again, ongoing professional services enable you to be ahead of these awful insects. 

Put A Termite Treatment Plan In Place 

The ecosystem relies on many pests to remain balanced, and termites are no exception. Their disintegration of wood delivers nutrients to the soil for trees and plants. Humans can benefit from consuming the insects, as they’re rich in iron and calcium. Nonetheless, it would be best if you eliminated them from residential zones. Being consistent with preventative protocols can help reduce the chances of a termite invasion:

  • Remove or fix wood that is impaired or spoiled. 

  • Have leaks and moisture fractures repaired immediately. Start with those dampening wood. 

  • Close up crevices in utility lines, caulk, and foundations. 

  • Add screens to all exterior doors. 

  • Swill out your vents and gutters often. 

  • Sit plants and wood away from the property by a minimum of two feet. 

  • Don’t allow loose wood, such as lumber panels, to contact the soil.  

  • Cut the grass and trim the greenery on a routine basis.

Retail pesticides, similar shelf goods, and “do it yourself” methods are for temporary use and to kill small groups of insects. However, they can be noxious enough to harm humans, domestic animals, and vegetation. Don’t bother with these high-priced and faulty items. At Pest Ref Services, we utilize safe industrial-grade treatments, and our Trelona bait stations will stop termite growth. Follow-up visits are available. Get a free inspection at no obligation when you call or email us today! 


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