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March 15, 2021 - Termites

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It’s almost always warm and sunny in Florida, including amazing places like Eustis in Lake County. Unfortunately, warmer climates are notorious for attracting pest invasions, and termites are no exception. Swarmers are the specific type of termites that leave a termite colony in search of new areas to establish new colonies. Once springtime arrives and Florida’s already-warm weather gets even warmer, termite swarmers may decide to pick your Eustis property to establish a new colony. Read on to find out more about termite swarmers in Eustis and how your home could be at-risk for these destructive pests.

How Dangerous Are Termite Swarmers For Your Eustis Home?

You may be termite-free now, but if there are colonies near your home, you're at risk of developing an infestation. As colonies reach full capacity, reproductives or swarmers emerge from the colony, mate, and establish a sister colony nearby. Reproductives typically swarm during the spring and summer months. As they look for a new place to call home, your property is at risk which is why it's so important to implement year-round termite control.

The worst part is, you likely will not know you have a termite colony that's developed on your property until it’s too late. Chances are, you won’t see termites or their swarmers directly, so it’s difficult to stop the problem once it starts. On top of this, most home insurance policies don’t cover termite damage. Termite damage to your home could cost you thousands or more out of pocket.

 It’s tough to know you have a termite problem by seeing them for yourself. At most, you may spot the “mud tubes” that termites might build along the outer walls of your home. Termites use these tunnels to traverse from the soil into the wood of a home. You could also check any wood in your home for deficiencies. When knocking on beams, if they sound hollow, then termites may have already done damage.

Tips On How To Prevent Termite Swarmers From Invading Your Eustis Home

A great way to prevent termite damage is to keep these pests from reaching your property in the first place.

  • Reduce soil-to-wood contact on your property. Termites use soil to connect to wood and then travel into your home. Prevent this transportation link by keeping lumber, cardboard, and more at least 20 feet away from your house. Be sure to keep concrete in between those gaps wherever possible.
  • Deal with any excess moisture on your property, such as leaking pipes and faucets. Termites are attracted to water, so make your home less attractive by reducing moisture.
  • Consider scheduling an inspection from the professionals. There simply aren’t any DIY methods to handle the problem yourself.

Enlist Pest Ref Services For Help With Termites In Eustis

Termites are silent property destroyers, but you shouldn’t let them get away with it. Pest Ref Services has the best tools to help you with these stubborn pests. Our team of experts knows just how to get rid of termite swarmers and make your home as termite-proof as possible. Contact us today to find out more about our year-round termite control options to help keep your property safe from termites and the damage they cause.


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