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January 15, 2021 - Rodents

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Insects and creatures naturally worry people. If they don’t wreck your Eustis home itself, they can ruin your personal belongings. In an attempt to save money, people will try their luck with the “do it yourself” approaches. They assume, or hope, that they’ll get the same results as they would if they hired a professional company. They absolutely won’t, though. Find out why you shouldn’t take on rodents in Eustis alone, and why Pest Ref Services is the best to contact.

What Are the Risks with Common Eustis Rodents?

House mice and Norway rats are very present in the region. House mice are called so because they usually nest in sheltered locations, like domiciles, for the warmth and wide availability of food. Since they prefer to be in low-traffic spaces that are dark and damp, they’ll concentrate on your cabinets and basements. They’ll also settle in foundation voids. When outside, they’ll gravitate to woody spots, thick grass, and fields. Stay alert if your abode is close to such a place. House mice are generally 7 inches long. Their bodies are covered in short hair that is gray, brown, or black. Their abdomens are a lighter shade. 

 Norway rats are similar to house mice, in that they love being in the woods and on shabby land. They’ll destroy your lawn by creating burrows in the dirt. The tunnels will enable them to enter your property. If the structural quality is lacking, it will be simple for these pests to infiltrate. Norway rats have distinctly messy fur that is gray, or brown. 7-inch-long tails are at the end of their 15-inch-long bodies. 

When a rodent infestation occurs, you’ll have the following signs:

  • Catching these nighttime critters out in daylight.
  • Audible noises, such as squeaking and scratching, from walls.
  • Seeing their fecal pellets and footprints.
  • Noticing oily rub-like stains on edges, and walls.

While rodents are inside your home, they will damage walls and cables with their biting. They persistently gnaw on things to shape their teeth. Possible hazards are electrical shortages and fires. These vermin are also a health threat, as they have parasites on their bodies, and in their waste. Additional microbes will be picked up in the garbage, street-ways, and muck that they often go through. Consequently, rodents taint surfaces and food. The probability of developing an illness, like hantavirus, salmonella, and leptospirosis is extremely high. 

What Are Ways to Prevent Rodents? Why Don’t “Do It Yourself” Tricks Work?

If you don’t want to deal with rodents, here’s what you’ll have to do:

  • Mend openings around vents, fixtures and utilities, windows, doors, and foundations. 
  • Repair moisture defects, and leaks. 
  • Use containers with secure lids to store food and trash. 
  • Sit plants at least two feet away from exterior doors. 
  • Snip grass and greenery on a routine basis. 
  • Make sure you clean your gutters regularly. 
  • Don’t have a lot of clutter around.

“At home remedies” and retail products fail because they’re typically made for temporary use, and only kill individual rodents. Further, they are sometimes quite toxic. Due to bacteria, it’s not safe to physically handle these pests. 

How Does Pest Ref Services Handle Rodents?

The capable technicians at Pest Ref Services will strategically set high-performance traps, lay exterior baits, and utilize our other effective products to eliminate rodents. They will also tend to small entry points to avert future issues. Our home pest control services have guarantees, and follow-up visits attached. One-time options are also available. Call us today for a free inspection!


Pest Ref was very professional when I sent a message regarding a quote. The quick response and timely scheduling made me a satisfied customer. Thank you, Pest Ref. A++

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